DynES Expert Systems

Have you ever got stuck in a call center by not being able to cope with:

  • The amount of calls
  • The amount of data to be processed
  • The too complex scripts

This innovative system helps you deal with all points above.

Consider DynES like a new engine which will be seamlessly integrated into your existing call center. It will incorporate existing content. It will not stay in your way, it will only help you.

It will decrease the call time significantly by allowing you to use the dynamic script generation. Once you tell “what seems to be the problem” the system will calculate and generate for you a scenario which will lead you to a solution. Every time new facts are defined, the system reconsiders and adjusts the scripts.

DynES can learn supervised. Suppose you found a new solution while serving your customer. All the facts gathered during the call can be in a mouse click linked to the new solution. Next time the same facts occur, the system will know what needs to be done.

DynES can help you decrease the amount of calls you are handling. DynES can be used not only in the back office but as well as entry point on your website. If you offer it to your customers, they can already fill in the facts alone, and they can be requested to call if no solution was found. The call center operator will continue based on the already gathered facts.

DynES is an engine. Basic expert user interfaces are developed, but we learned from our experience that every client is unique. As such, we prefer to develop new user interfaces to fit perfectly with each scenario. See below our standard screens.

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