DynAS Advertisement services

Choose your own content for advertisement

With DynAS you can advertise directly using already existing content from a webpage.

You choose the webpage you want to make a picture from.

What you need to do:

  • Choose the position on that web page where the content is
  • Specify the output properties
  • Generate the picture

There is no need to save the picture locally and upload it to your desired place.

You can always use DynAS for a fresh one.

Create several selling channels

If you want to reach multiple target groups you have to prepare content for all target groups. That can be a difficult and time consuming task.

With DynAS you are actually using dynamic links on your website to provide content for different selling channels.

Once the channels are defined on your website, with DynAS you can create the advertisement content you wish.

That means that with our service you just need to point out what content on your website needs to represent a target group. You can manage the target groups yourself. Our service will work with parameterized links, so dynamic content generation is not a problem.

Customized advertisement done online

Once you have the content on a page you simply specify the new sizes for the output, even the resolution.

Ask your web designer how much will charge you for changing the sizes of those 100+ pictures you have in those advertisement programs.

There is no need to lose time in generating offline content. DynAS works online.

Hot items newsflash

The internet marketing and selling strategy is changing towards the idea of see now, buy now.

With DynAS you can have a direct sell division on your website that you can manage in real time and integrate with the multichannel selling division.

We also promote the concept of “genuine sale of product or service”. The products and services with this logo are drastic sales for a short period of time attracting more people on your site. This service is only possible because of the little amount of time DynAS requires you to spend on reconfiguring your site.