Package Content Price Extras
Basic Design logo
Design flier
Design email template
Send email 12 months
Use DynAS 12 months
€ 1500
Intermediate Design logo
Design 6 fliers
Design 6 email templates
Send email 12 months
Use DynAS 12 months
€ 3000
Advanced Design website
Build website
Product pages
€ 5000 6 months Basic (mail and DynAS)
E-commerce Advanced package plus
Link to your own DB
€ 10000 1 year Basic (mail and DynAS)
E-linked-commerce E-commerce package plus
Data services
Communication streams
€ 15000 1.5 years Basic (mail and DynAS)
E-enterprise-commerce E-linked commerce plus
Plugins for the existing website
€ 20000 2 years Basic (mail and DynAS)
Multi enterprise Build website call us  

The prices are estimative. Please contact us for a detailed quotation.